linux's history

On the fifteenth 5th October 1991, Linus Benedict Torvalds, a helsinki's university student at Finlandia, announce on one newsgroup that she was successful creates one UNIX'S kindred operating system that very simple that given by linux's name, one that is developed from UNIX'S kindred operating system.
Now, Linux is UNIX'S kindred operating system that so complete. Linux have become "fresh breath" at operating system arena. LInux is not again a only "mini project" one that worked by linus Torvalds and team, but Linux was growing as "competitor" for operating system to outgrow another. 
Now, there are many firm or individual even that take Linux's kernel, then binds it with free software or software even commercial another form Linux's distribution. severally linux S.u.s.e linux's distribution, trinux, slackware linux, debian etcetera. 

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