Remote Access Mikrotik From Outside

Why utilize pppoe on mikrotik? its answer simple, since so can access modem from outside network. reason succeeding at the discretion you, to can access mikrotik from outside usually modem squire. simplest trick is by undertaking setting pppoe on RB Mikrotik, (instead of dizzy does filter on modem, its modem better made by bridge).

Other than it methodics as this will more soften modem job, one that hot fast tend.

10. 10. 10. 2 / 24 = Interface aims to go to modems

192. 168.1. 1 / 24 = interface aims to go to HUB Or Client

125. 168. 125 is your gateway provider.

Making Remote Mikrotik squire:

/ip address add address= interface=public

/ip address add address= interface=lokal

/interface pppoe-client add name=pppoe-user-mike user=xxxxxx password=xxxxxxx     interface=public service-name=publik disabled=no add-default-route=yes

/ip route add gateway=

/ip firewall nat add chain=srcnat action=masquerade

/ip dns set primary-dns=

/ip dns set primary-dns=

/ip dns allow-remote-request=yes

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